Our Brand

Championing our customers

In a marketplace saturated with financial institutions promoting very similar products, creating any tangible point of difference is a challenge.

At Aldermore we believe we champion our customers with straightforward savings accounts, award- winning mortgages, and specialist finance for small and medium size businesses.

By using the deposits raised by British savers to help keep the housing market moving and fund the growth of British businesses, we're doing our bit for the British economy - getting funding moving in the UK.

So by choosing Aldermore, as a saver, a homeowner or a business, not only can you and your clients be sure of straightforward products, exceptional service and consistently good rates, you'll also be part of something much bigger.

Our Values

Four core characteristics comprise our DNA and make up our values. It is the unique combination of these traits that makes Aldermore the organisation it is and as such these values are threaded through everything we do.


Reliable: Demonstrates Aldermore is empathetic to your needs, ensuring products and services deliver our promises, whilst being fair, open and consistent in all we undertake.

Expert: Continuously demonstrating Aldermore's knowledge and experience, as well as being approachable whilst clear in our delivery.

Dynamic: With entrepreneurial flair and a natural ability to innovate not only products and services, but highly inventive in our approach to processes and procedure.

Straightforward: Clear and concise in our product offerings, as well as our supporting services whilst being effective and efficient.

At Aldermore we welcome and encourage genuine entrepreneurial spirit. We truly believe everyone can succeed and the great thing is, as a new dynamic bank, we're not constrained by tradition. There is no legacy here. We actively encourage everyone to shape how we can do things differently, design new processes, deliver better services or products and even identify other sectors we should explore and develop.