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We value our relationship with every business introducer - so we always put your interests first. Work with us and you'll benefit from competitive terms, fast turnarounds, and our ongoing commitment to delivering a market-leading service.

How we work

  • We assess all applications against a set of criteria and rules. We don't rely on credit scoring as other lenders do
  • If an application is a clear pass or fail, we'll let you know immediately. If it isn't clear, a skilled underwriter will assess your case on its merits and will let you know if we can help your client
  • We'll keep you fully informed of progress via real-time case-tracking and email
  • It could take you less than five minutes to submit a client's case details online and receive a decision in principle and/or a key facts illustration. This will leave only a soft footprint on your client's credit files
  • We do not market residential mortgages via a branch network (so no 'dual pricing')

 Download our Lending Criteria.

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