Fixed Rate Savings Account

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Protect your hard-earned savings from interest rate fluctuations with our fixed rate savings account - sometimes known as a fixed rate bond. You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing exactly how much interest you'll earn day in, day out.

TermGross Annual Interest (%)Gross Monthly Interest (%)AER* (%)
1 Year1.601.591.60Open an Account
2 Year1.801.791.80Open an Account
3 Year2.702.672.70Open an Account
4 Year2.902.862.90Open an Account
5 Year3.103.063.10Open an Account

* AER stands for annual equivalent rate and illustrates the interest rate if it was paid and compounded once each year.

Key benefits

  • Peace of mind - know exactly what interest rate you'll earn for a set period and we will personally write to you before your account matures
  • Transparent - our competitive rates aren't artificially inflated by bonuses or introductory offers
  • Fast and easy setup - open an account, complete identity checks and move your money in minutes
  • Open an account with just £1,000
  • Easy to manage - do it online, by phone or by post
  • Great value - no fees or charges for day-to-day account services

 Things you need to know

  • We guarantee to pay the interest rates shown (or the higher rates if we have increased them) provided that we receive your completed account opening form and initial deposit within ten business days. After this time, we will pay the prevailing rate on the day that we receive your application.
  • Once you've made your opening deposit you won't be able to make any more deposits or withdrawals, or close your savings account before the maturity date. (However, please give us a call in the event of hardship)
  • You should keep at least £1,000 in your account at any one time (a gross interest rate of 0.50% will be paid on balances below this amount)
  • You simply need to be aged 18 years or over, resident in the UK and only liable to pay tax in the UK
  • To view full terms and conditions please click here


Managing your account with us is simple and straightforward. Check our
Key Features for more information on how your account works.

Fees and charges

You won't have to pay any fees or charges, although there may be a small charge for non-standard services - check our tariff of charges for more details.

Award Winning Fixed Rate AccountsMoneyfacts Awards - Best Bank Savings Porvider 2013

We’re extremely proud to be awarded ‘Best Bank Savings Provider’ for our straightforward and rewarding savings accounts.

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Ratings & Reviews

1033 out of 1101 reviewers would recommend products in this category

Reviews for Fixed Rate Savings Account 1 Year

  • You get what you pay for Patch27

    My dealings with Aldermore were excellent - well done


    21 Jul 2014

  • Easy to set up and manage. nick48

    I switched from a fixed term bond which I had held for the previous 12 months. The process of transferring was hassle-free, and the rate of interest on offer was competitive. I was happy to open this account, and I would not hesitate to recommend this account to others, as it was easy to set up and my options were clearly explained.


    20 Jul 2014

  • efficient/excellent service Pippajr5

    I have invested with Aldermore previously; each time the service could not be faulted and more particularly the annual statement or certificate pertaining to the payment of interest, gross and net, has been very promptly provided after the closure of the fiscal year.. This I consider is of very great importance.


    14 Jul 2014

  • Poor Return Al14

    While it is the case that I recently opened this account the truth is that I only reinvested 10% of my original capital which had matured from an existing Aldermore product.Why .Because they cut the rate. Now I am told my cash ISA rate will fall in October. Aldermore used to be at the front of the pack. Sadly no longer. Look elsewhere,you can probably do better.


    09 Jul 2014

  • Aldermore are great! Worryhead

    Aldermore are quick, efficient, professional. All their communications are timely, clear, concise, eminently understandable and informative. Their products and advice are always good.


    08 Jul 2014

  • Uncomplicated and Fair service Retep

    Aldermore have always offered me a fair and clear service on my investment. They treat you with respect and are clear and honest about what they provide. What I enjoy is that you get what they say you will get and don't bother you with constant email promotions. They are there for you when you need advice which is great!


    30 Jun 2014

  • Good interest rates available sham

    I have been dealing with Aldermore for two years and have had very good service. They give very good interest rates in both ISA and bonds.


    30 Jun 2014

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Reviews for Fixed Rate Savings Account 2 Year

  • Best Interest rates for my needs Claire45

    I found opening the account very easy as it was online. The Website is easy to navigate and informative. I feel confident that my money is safe and I am getting the best rates for the term. This is my second investment so I am happy to use them again in the future.


    03 Jul 2014

  • The best of the bunch Beatie

    I can only comment on the ease of setting up this account and the friendly way it was dealt with. As I have a couple of days before the account is up and running I cannot comment further but I'm sure it will be all it is cracked up to be.


    10 Jun 2014

  • difficulty in opening an account on behalf of a family member Sybil73

    The whole experience of dealing with A. was difficult prolonged and stressful. I enclosed a summary of our dealings with A., sent to you on 26th April. I have yet to heard back from you.


    15 May 2014

  • best I could find at the time. sunshine45

    So far so good. Very helpful when I phoned with a query. Speedy delivery of product . Will certainly consider using them in the future.


    02 May 2014

  • Simple troublefree account opening Graham3

    Fairly straightforward account opening. Paid capital via cheque since this was easiest considering its source. Interest rates pitiful but similar to all other offerings at the moment. Very good communication at all times. Hopefully removed savings from Scottish controlled banking system. I


    25 Apr 2014

  • Glad I found your excellent company Spider

    All the processes have been carried out very efficiently. I have two saving accounts with your company, my wife has one.


    15 Apr 2014

  • Quick and easy SP14

    Quick and easy to transfer money from one account to another. Speedy confirmation received by post.


    03 Apr 2014

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Reviews for Fixed Rate Savings Account 3 Year

  • As a new customer, I have found the degree of professional and prompt service a delight, something often lacking in the larger banking institutions. jonah74

    The interest rate is competitive and will provide monthly income which is appreciated. The application was straightforward and was dealt with within a few days. I would definitely consider Aldermore for future investments.


    21 Jul 2014

  • Best out there Mossy

    Needed to transfer some money into a fixed rate account. Best rate out there. Set up was easy. Had a query and they phoned me within an hour. Good service.


    21 Jul 2014

  • Does what it says on the tin! trebor58

    I required an investment that was secure and which provides a competitive rate of return in a fixed term product. The Aldermore 3 Year Fixed Rate Bond was therefore a good choice in order to meet my needs for a fixed term rather than for instant access.


    19 Jul 2014

  • Not happy with fund deposit mechanism JPH43

    Whilst I was generally happy with the mechanism for opening this account the method used for depositing funds is poor. Because of the use of Direct Debit it is difficult to ensure that the funds required are in the feeder account at the correct time.


    19 Jul 2014

  • A bright light. Mike09

    Today when looking for ' a bright light' in the untrusted financial world it comes as a breath of fresh air to find a source of fair return on my valuable savings. Not only that but the experience of dealing with the people who work for this company, although most of the little that I had to do to open my account was done on line, a couple of times I phoned Aldermore staff and was never held on a phone line being re directed. On all occasions my query was dealt with immediately and in a friendly manner , and gave me confidence to the company who I have trusted with my savings. Just wish I had found Aldermore a couple of years ago. My wife has now followed and now has her savings with Aldermore Bank also.


    19 Jul 2014

  • Best Rates on offer at the time. Lowrateishurting

    Two rock solid requirements when considering where to put savings are security and return, Aldermore provide as good as any at this time.


    19 Jul 2014

  • Excellent product and service Cath999

    The product on offer is excellent as was the ease of opening the account. On the one occasion I needed to speak to somebody they sorted my problem out in a friendly, fast and efficient manner.


    17 Jul 2014

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Reviews for Fixed Rate Savings Account 4 Year

(15 reviews)

  • Opening account. Ivy2

    All went well except paying my money in, I set up a Direct Debit but your wording was confusing ie I did not know if I had to pay into my account so I email you and you said you could not answer the question. So I paid it in on 16/07/2014, that was wrong you took the same amount out of my Bank which leaves me overdrawn. I phoned you and you said this would be sent to my Bank and I understand this has been done and should be in my Bank by 20/07/2014.


    20 Jul 2014

  • Relatively good rate of interest & easy set up

    Not quite the best rate but close, and so easy to open the account, having a joint account already. Just marvellous.


    16 Jul 2014

  • Easy to operate AndyC

    A more complete and printable summary with Bond issue, date interest paid and rate, maturity date, etc. would be good


    02 Jul 2014

  • Suited long term investment Susi63

    Looking to invest parents money from house sale to help fund if she has to go into care home


    29 Jun 2014

  • Good & reliable chrisanne

    Correspondence/confirmations come through promptly, no having to chase it up.


    24 Jun 2014

  • Easy and Quick Service DandS71

    After carrying out a considerable amount of research we decided to apply to Aldermore for one of their products online. The procedure through their webpage was simple and straightforward and our account was opened straight away. We posted our cheque, which was deposited into the account with no delay. From opening the account to deposit was completed in less than three days. Very pleased and impressed by the service we have received. Thank you.


    04 Apr 2014

  • what i required robert030457

    Time taken to open joint account correctly and with all Fsc requirements.Kept to promise holding rate.Well done.Shame you don't have a centre so we could have done this face to face


    04 Mar 2014

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Reviews for Fixed Rate Savings Account 5 Year

  • It does exactly what it says on the tin! Happyme

    No waiting for hours to get through or button pressing when I did. Very helpful staff, keeping everything to the minimum with no endless waffle. We discussed the options, I made decisions and off we went! A simple confirmation letter in the post a few days later and it was all done. Why aren't there more companies like this?


    21 Jul 2014

  • Apprehension Gone TheCount5

    Having never opened an account over the phone I was a little apprehensive about doing so, but I was pleasantly surprised by the experience. All the credit has to go to the advisor who helped and guided me through it. Many thanks.


    21 Jul 2014

  • Good Fixed Bond Rates Gnome123

    Aldermore offer good rates and make it easy to open an account plus the follow up is excellent I have four bonds running with Aldermore and I could be taking out another very soon .


    19 Jul 2014

  • Easy to Open an a/c Roni

    I opened a 5year fixed interest account as the rate of interest was attractive. The on-line application was fairly simple & quick procedure. However, after openning the account I tried to log on and encountered difficulty. Rang the Bank. Was answered very quickly ( no waiting time) and the staff helped me out. I rang the Bank this morning as i wanted to xfer the money in. Again quick connection & helpful staff.


    16 Jul 2014

  • Quick and Easy to open a second account Gillian60

    I already had a Fixed rate account so to open a second one was no problem as I didn't have to provide any id etc


    16 Jul 2014

  • Very satisfactory Hiker

    Suited my needs perfectly. The rate at 3.10 was very competitive.


    12 Jul 2014

  • Simple to open; Everything works first time

    Main selling point is that the web site is well designed and actually works for the customer from end to end. I know it takes a lot of skill in IT to achieve simplicity. Many other bigger operators could take a lesson. The customer experience alone would attract me back for further investment (assuming good rates).


    11 Jul 2014

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