Fixed Rate Savings Account

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We’ve increased the rates on our 1, 2 & 3 Year Fixed Rate Accounts. With our fixed rate savings account, sometimes known as a fixed rate bond, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing exactly how much interest you’ll earn day in, day out.

TermGross Annual Interest (%)Gross Monthly Interest (%)AER* (%)
1 Year1.751.741.75Open an Account
2 Year2.252.232.25Open an Account
3 Year2.352.332.35Open an Account
4 Year2.752.722.75Open an Account
5 Year3.002.963.00Open an Account

* AER stands for annual equivalent rate and illustrates the interest rate if it was paid and compounded once each year.

Key benefits

  • Peace of mind - know exactly what interest rate you'll earn for a set period and we will personally write to you before your account matures
  • Transparent - our competitive rates aren't artificially inflated by bonuses or introductory offers
  • Fast and easy setup - open an account, complete identity checks and move your money in minutes
  • Open an account with just £1,000
  • Easy to manage - do it online, by phone or by post
  • Great value - no fees or charges for day-to-day account services

 Things you need to know

  • We guarantee to pay the interest rates shown (or the higher rates if we have increased them) provided that we receive your completed account opening form and initial deposit within ten business days. After this time, we will pay the prevailing rate on the day that we receive your application.
  • Once you've made your opening deposit you won't be able to make any more deposits or withdrawals, or close your savings account before the maturity date. (However, please give us a call in the event of hardship)
  • You should keep at least £1,000 in your account at any one time (a gross interest rate of 0.50% will be paid on balances below this amount)
  • You simply need to be aged 18 years or over, resident in the UK and only liable to pay tax in the UK
  • To view full terms and conditions please click here


Managing your account with us is simple and straightforward. Check our
Key Features for more information on how your account works.

Fees and charges

You won't have to pay any fees or charges, although there may be a small charge for non-standard services - check our tariff of charges for more details.

Award Winning Fixed Rate AccountsMoneyfacts Awards - Best Bank Savings Porvider 2013

We’re extremely proud to be awarded ‘Best Bank Savings Provider’ for our straightforward and rewarding savings accounts.

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Ratings & Reviews

1331 out of 1417 reviewers would recommend products in this category

Reviews for Fixed Rate Savings Account 1 Year

  • Excellent! OZ14

    Such a pleasure to login and - more particularly - to find LOGOUT so easily! Simple to print out the part of my account summary which I want without multiple pages being printed also. Opening of account straightforward and completely stress free. Initial payment moved from my nominated account on the exact date as advised. All very pleasing and appreciated. The interest rate - my initial concern - is quite competitive also.


    21 Nov 2014

  • easy best rate in these times of low interest rc64

    thank you for help with taking out my bond very helpfull and friendly


    20 Nov 2014

  • ideal account to put spare cash for a year dell

    my one year fixed rate account was simple to set up online. good security, and no hassle.for the present climate the interest is acceptable.also it seems to easy to speak to an adviser if needed.


    19 Nov 2014

  • Second account Sceptical

    Very quick and simple to open a shorter term account. I'm now considering placing the rest of my savings in an easy access account with Aldremore.


    19 Nov 2014

  • Suits me well Moll

    I very much like your companies way of communicating clearly on paper and posted.


    17 Nov 2014

  • Impressed with the reviews and recommendations BobbyDee

    I feel confident I have made the right decision and am looking forward to the interest on my investment.


    14 Nov 2014

  • seamless account opening Andrew19

    As all ways with Aldermore opening an online savings account could not have been easier. 10 mins to open account and paperwork confirming deposit and details of account posted through my door 3 days later. Aldermore all ways provide me with 1st rate service and good savings rates, can only praise them and have recommended Aldermore to many friends and family.


    13 Nov 2014

Reviews for Fixed Rate Savings Account 2 Year

  • easy but slow maddie

    good rate offered. Forms easy but disappointed that although the money was in my account ready for immediate transfer I could not pay it in for a week. So lost a week's interest.


    21 Nov 2014

  • Good rate of return. Internet dealing. Elisabet

    Applied for one Fixed Rate Bond Ended up with two separate split ones as I incorrectly named the recipient in the Bank Fast Transfer details as self rather than Aldermore Bank PLC which caused a resulting partial confusion. I think this needs to be just made a bit clearer in your funding instructions if possible. Very easy to get wrong for non experts. If you do eventually join the equity forum perhaps you could consider some preferential offer for your registered savers. Finally your telephone support during my rather awkward application was really excellent and courteous.


    19 Nov 2014

  • Very quick and easy to open Moisie

    This was a competitive rate for a 2-year fix (although not the best), and I moved money in from my Alermore Easy Access account. The actual application, once I had logged in, was very quick and easy and I received written confirmation just a few days later. Impressive!


    19 Nov 2014

  • easy to see what you get

    I have been with Aldermore for a few years now and have recently taken out a 2 year bond. The options were well set out, interest rates easy to see and compare.I would happily recommend Aldermore to friends and family


    18 Nov 2014

  • So easy compared with many other providers stanley16

    So easy compared with other providerS Except for the feedback form!


    15 Nov 2014

  • Excellent service Wifie

    usual first clas services and better than average interest rates


    13 Nov 2014

  • Product suited my needs Sue8

    I am still waiting for confirmation that investment has been made and is earning stated interest. Received letter Nov.6th. thanks for opening account. "Welcome Pack" still not received in spite of telephone promise Nov.10 for duplicate. Inconvenient that your security will not reply to a query from my husband even when he tells you that the answer does not (Such as now) require disclosure of any confidential information.


    13 Nov 2014

Reviews for Fixed Rate Savings Account 3 Year

  • Quick and informative annie2

    Communication quick and explicit - no jargon Website easy to negotiate Sensible telephone opening hours Telephone contact helpful and friendly


    22 Nov 2014

  • Fulfilled all my requirements Lopears

    I have been an Aldermore customer before, so when I revisited their site to find out what the latest rates were for fixed saving bonds, I was pleasantly surprised and decided on the spot to invest some cash I had come into. Needless to say, the service I received when speaking to an adviser on the 'phone and then using their on-line purchasing software were all first rate. The account was set up immediately and I had the paper work back within a few days. How I wish all companies provided the same high level of service and customer satisfaction as Aldermore - I would highly recommend investing with this company. A very happy customer from Somerset


    22 Nov 2014

  • Interest Nadge1

    If you want to achieve a market leading position and 5 stars overall - increase the interest rate. At least you could offer existing customers a slightly higher rate to prevent me switching to a reasonable company offering a higher rate.


    18 Nov 2014

  • suited my needs perfectly Vintage

    After 5 years with a fixed rate Bond,all yearly paperwork confirming tax paid etc. arrived on time without me asking, Bond came up for renewal,paper work and options easy to follow,rates a cut above the others ,not only renewed but also added extra funds taken from another provider. Well done for making paper work straight forward,with great options.


    16 Oct 2014

  • Quick and simple web-site Olive

    My application was straight forward and contact was swift. One minor query was dealt with by telephone.


    07 Oct 2014

  • It's not about loyalty but who offers the best rate Portbell

    When I choose where to invest, I don't consider loyalty, no one got rich by being loyal. I look at the best rate on offer and invariably Aldermore comes out on top. Obviuosly, I have to consider the £85000 issue when investing which is a problem, as I have to ensure the possibility of not being protected in the event of losing my money should anything unforeseen occur.


    05 Oct 2014

  • A responsive, helpful organisation stratdl

    This was my first venture into placing savings with a non high street bank. I am not the brightest on computers and had a few queries, but a couple of phone calls to Aldermore resolved these, the staff being very helpful. I am pleased to find a responsive, helpful organisation who were very prompt in sending correspondence.


    04 Oct 2014

Reviews for Fixed Rate Savings Account 4 Year

(31 reviews)

  • Very simple to follow instructions Hesitant

    a good product for the time I wanted . Easy to open and I know where I am. with the interest.


    07 Nov 2014

  • Complemented my cash investment portfolio Tony9

    As an existing customer of Aldermore I was pleased to find an account which had a competitive rate of interest which fitted my longer term cash savings strategy whilst providing a monthly interest payment. Adding a new account to my Aldermore investments was a very straightforward process, requiring just a few minutes online.


    04 Nov 2014

  • Prompt service with prompt written confirmations Debbie

    I am a first-time saver with Aldermore. I am not usually inclined to open accounts via the 'internet', however, the instructions were so clear that completion of the application form was made very simple. I was impressed with the prompt written confirmations. A very good service provider.


    29 Oct 2014

  • Very effecient and suited my requirements Penny3

    I had not heard of Aldermore before I read a review in the Daily Mail. My current bond was maturing and the rate of interest I was quoted elsewhere was pretty dismal so I decided to change my bank to Aldermore where the rate was very competitive. The process was very easy and so far I have been impressed. I will definitely look towards Aldermore when I need to find a home for any forthcoming available money.


    18 Oct 2014

  • Exactly what I needed Kate51

    Enabled me to deposit funds for a good rate of interest in the current climate. A smooth process from start to finish with clear & concise instructions


    09 Oct 2014

  • Best in the market for value and service Lloyd

    Opened the account online. So easy to do and to transfer money into the account.. Subsequent paperwork arrived in a short space of time and was without fault. Have opened accounts with Aldermore before and always, when I have money to deposit, I turn to them first to see what is on offer.


    03 Oct 2014

  • Very easy process to follow Jose

    A no hassel web site which was easy to use. Also speedy acceptance and confirmation.


    01 Oct 2014

Reviews for Fixed Rate Savings Account 5 Year

  • Needed a FRB Missy001

    Other than the rate of interest, all other aspects of opening the account and the service provided was very good, bearing in mind that I made several mistakes.


    19 Nov 2014

  • Aldermore 5 year fixed rate bond, just what I wanted. Korky

    I am already an Aldermore fixed rate bond holder and when looking to make a further investment found their rates to be some of the best in the market place. It can all be done on the internet. They even set up a direct debit on my nominated account so I didn't have to bother about sending a cheque or telling my bank to make the initial deposit payment. A monthly interest option is available which is very useful if you are using it to supplement your pension. Any questions simply telephone them, they're very helpful.


    19 Nov 2014

  • well suited to my saving needs

    easy to open and good interest rate, [at this time] option for monthly interest fitted into my requirements., and gave me option of joint account also.


    19 Nov 2014

  • Suited my needs perfectly Les19

    The account was easy to open online. I phoned a couple of times with queries, which were answered by very helpful and courteous assistants. Would definitely use this company again.


    18 Nov 2014

  • What I was looking for. IAW65

    Was looking for a decent & safe return on a lump sum. This was better than most Building Society rates. Very easy to open acct. Transfer went through with no problems.


    15 Nov 2014

  • Just what I was looking for - the best on the market! Betsy

    Very efficient, straightforward, no-nonsense service. Absolutely delighted and can't fault Aldermore. Would definitely invest with them again in the future. Look after me and my money as well as you have already for the next 5 years and you will have a VERY happy customer!


    15 Nov 2014


    I shall be opening 3 more fixed rate accounts with Aldermore in the next few days. The staff have been most helpful, as I am a new customer they have taken time to explain everything to me. Thank you.


    15 Nov 2014