Fixed Rate Savings Account

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Protect your hard-earned savings from interest rate fluctuations with our fixed rate savings account - sometimes known as a fixed rate bond. You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing exactly how much interest you'll earn day in, day out.

TermGross Annual Interest (%)Gross Monthly Interest (%)AER* (%)
1 Year1.501.491.50Open an Account
2 Year1.851.831.85Open an Account
3 Year2.001.982.00Open an Account
4 Year2.752.722.75Open an Account
5 Year3.002.963.00Open an Account

* AER stands for annual equivalent rate and illustrates the interest rate if it was paid and compounded once each year.

Key benefits

  • Peace of mind - know exactly what interest rate you'll earn for a set period and we will personally write to you before your account matures
  • Transparent - our competitive rates aren't artificially inflated by bonuses or introductory offers
  • Fast and easy setup - open an account, complete identity checks and move your money in minutes
  • Open an account with just £1,000
  • Easy to manage - do it online, by phone or by post
  • Great value - no fees or charges for day-to-day account services

 Things you need to know

  • We guarantee to pay the interest rates shown (or the higher rates if we have increased them) provided that we receive your completed account opening form and initial deposit within ten business days. After this time, we will pay the prevailing rate on the day that we receive your application.
  • Once you've made your opening deposit you won't be able to make any more deposits or withdrawals, or close your savings account before the maturity date. (However, please give us a call in the event of hardship)
  • You should keep at least £1,000 in your account at any one time (a gross interest rate of 0.50% will be paid on balances below this amount)
  • You simply need to be aged 18 years or over, resident in the UK and only liable to pay tax in the UK
  • To view full terms and conditions please click here


Managing your account with us is simple and straightforward. Check our
Key Features for more information on how your account works.

Fees and charges

You won't have to pay any fees or charges, although there may be a small charge for non-standard services - check our tariff of charges for more details.

Award Winning Fixed Rate AccountsMoneyfacts Awards - Best Bank Savings Porvider 2013

We’re extremely proud to be awarded ‘Best Bank Savings Provider’ for our straightforward and rewarding savings accounts.

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Ratings & Reviews

1287 out of 1370 reviewers would recommend products in this category

Reviews for Fixed Rate Savings Account 1 Year

  • Good choice of savings accounts and easy to set up. Galanthus

    Excellent straight forward procedure to arrange fixed rate 1 yr savings account. Good choice of accounts for my needs.


    20 Oct 2014

  • A good company for savers grover

    We were imporessed that when our iyear bond matured Aldemore put the money in a similar bond, whereas other companies put our money in a ..1% fund


    10 Oct 2014

  • Good although minor improvement possible YosemiteLover

    Product suits my needs and is competitive in difficult market for savers. Facilities for short trerm additional funding could be better: direct transfer from another Aldermore account in same name is not offered on website, although when this was queried a solution by phoning was quickly offered (within 24 hours).


    08 Oct 2014


    A no-nonsense and very straightforward product which was easy to access and easy to transfer funds into. In these days of low interest rates it makes moving money worthwhile and effortless.


    07 Oct 2014

  • Comes highly recommended RichardJ88

    I have several savings accounts with Aldermore and although Interest Rates are at an all time low,theirs are consistantly at the top end of the league.


    01 Oct 2014

  • just right for me Budgie35

    have always received an excellent service from aldermore either over the phone or by using the computer. Interest rates are always very competitive


    28 Sep 2014

  • Easy to operate; suited my needs Denise2

    Aldermore have offered good service in terms of a web site that is easy to use; a helpful customer phone line; and good written information at account maturity points.


    26 Sep 2014

Reviews for Fixed Rate Savings Account 2 Year

  • Best 2 year rate I could find at time of investment. Moosie

    I couldn't believe how easy it was to set up an account on-line. All activities were handled in an efficient and timely fashion.


    12 Oct 2014

  • Competitive Interest rate from a UK based challenger bank TopCat

    Found the multiple references confusing and the need for additional ID baffling. There was also initial inflexibility,y vagueness and non customer-centric attitude from the help desk which was irksome. Fortunately it was overcome by escalation and helpful intervention of a team-leader. The issue related to delay in opening account and ensuring interest date at time of application would still apply. In the end it did and the overall service level returned to satisfactory+.


    03 Oct 2014

  • Good rate Geoffrey

    Perfectly met my immediate investment needs and look forward to long term relationship


    24 Sep 2014

  • Suited my needs perfectly Peter1

    Used Aldermore before on a 4 year fixed rate excellent service, I have continue with another fixed rate.


    22 Sep 2014

  • Just what I was looking for CaL14

    Had been watching the various options available for safe yet good investment opportunity and chose Aldermore again. Good over the phone information and help in opening an account. Also easy online access to account. Altogether, a good experience.


    12 Sep 2014

  • Easy and convenient Blackcat14

    Easy, simple and hassle free account opening. Great service and efficient. Good rate of interest, slightly better than competitors. Great communication.


    10 Sep 2014

  • conned sucker

    Interest rate lowered whilst going through application process and current rate not made clear. A complete ripoff. Not the best way to create a new bank!


    09 Sep 2014

Reviews for Fixed Rate Savings Account 3 Year

  • suited my needs perfectly Vintage

    After 5 years with a fixed rate Bond,all yearly paperwork confirming tax paid etc. arrived on time without me asking, Bond came up for renewal,paper work and options easy to follow,rates a cut above the others ,not only renewed but also added extra funds taken from another provider. Well done for making paper work straight forward,with great options.


    16 Oct 2014

  • Quick and simple web-site Olive

    My application was straight forward and contact was swift. One minor query was dealt with by telephone.


    07 Oct 2014

  • It's not about loyalty but who offers the best rate Portbell

    When I choose where to invest, I don't consider loyalty, no one got rich by being loyal. I look at the best rate on offer and invariably Aldermore comes out on top. Obviuosly, I have to consider the £85000 issue when investing which is a problem, as I have to ensure the possibility of not being protected in the event of losing my money should anything unforeseen occur.


    05 Oct 2014

  • A responsive, helpful organisation stratdl

    This was my first venture into placing savings with a non high street bank. I am not the brightest on computers and had a few queries, but a couple of phone calls to Aldermore resolved these, the staff being very helpful. I am pleased to find a responsive, helpful organisation who were very prompt in sending correspondence.


    04 Oct 2014

  • Very easy to open A/c threeshires

    I found opening an account by post a very simple process Much less hassle than with some other banks. Will certainly consider them next time i wish to invest.


    01 Oct 2014

  • Experience so far Messina

    My father's two accounts have only just been opened so it's a bit early to ask me if I'm pleased but your admin leaves me feeling distinctly unimpressed. I received two letters which told me to ring a. Umber to gain an internet ID. Number given was wrong, has been changed, so why did recent letters still have it printed? When I did get through, was told that I shouldn't ring for internet ID; it should have arrived in a Welcome Pack in the post.nit still hasn't. Not too pleased so far.


    30 Sep 2014

  • Tricky Account Opening Boudicea

    Took several weeks to open. Didn't hear anything so phoned. "We're very busy with applications. The rate may be withdrawn so please send cheque immediately to secure it." Cheque was sent by return but but when still didn't hear anything, phoned again, only to find that despite sending cheque the money had indeed been deposited at a lower rate! Everything was sorted out satisfactorily and the higher rate (best on the market) was given, which is why I gave good rating for service, but the hassle opening the account was disappointing.


    30 Sep 2014

Reviews for Fixed Rate Savings Account 4 Year

(28 reviews)

  • Very effecient and suited my requirements Penny3

    I had not heard of Aldermore before I read a review in the Daily Mail. My current bond was maturing and the rate of interest I was quoted elsewhere was pretty dismal so I decided to change my bank to Aldermore where the rate was very competitive. The process was very easy and so far I have been impressed. I will definitely look towards Aldermore when I need to find a home for any forthcoming available money.


    18 Oct 2014

  • Exactly what I needed Kate51

    Enabled me to deposit funds for a good rate of interest in the current climate. A smooth process from start to finish with clear & concise instructions


    09 Oct 2014

  • Best in the market for value and service Lloyd

    Opened the account online. So easy to do and to transfer money into the account.. Subsequent paperwork arrived in a short space of time and was without fault. Have opened accounts with Aldermore before and always, when I have money to deposit, I turn to them first to see what is on offer.


    03 Oct 2014

  • Very easy process to follow Jose

    A no hassel web site which was easy to use. Also speedy acceptance and confirmation.


    01 Oct 2014

  • satisfied customer thriftysaver

    I have several accounts with Aldermore and always look at their products when I wish to make further investments. Ease of opening and competitive rates keep me coming.back . Should I need to speak to someone on the phone I find the staff helpful and courteous.


    30 Sep 2014

  • fixed rate account mike041

    once I changed my password so I could get on line it was very easy to open a second account it was up and running in a couple of days, I will be opening more in the future and moving isas over in the near future. the service is first class when you ring up the staff are very helpful on the phone cant fault you well done and thank you


    12 Sep 2014

  • Consistent service Christoph22

    I now have 3 term deposits because of rate and service


    27 Aug 2014

Reviews for Fixed Rate Savings Account 5 Year

  • Best 5 yr savings

    The 5yr fixed rate accounts are usually near the top of the interest rate tables and I have found the service from Aldermore responsive and helpful. e.g even though I failed to repsond by the deadline for 'rollover' instructions they provide a period of 5 days grace for late instructions. The staff I have spoken too have always been helpful and I've had no problems with the online service.


    18 Oct 2014

  • Friendly and efficient account opening process David46

    I use a number of financial institutions for savings and investments and consider Aldermore to compare favourably with its rivals offering a product that is competitive combined with an efficient service.


    13 Oct 2014

  • Account took 4 weeks to open Nanni

    I am happy with the product, but the opening process took 4 weeks by which time the interest rate had changed from 3.1% to 3%. Far too slow.


    11 Oct 2014

  • A good interwest rate at this time GolferKK

    It was not made clear that the initial deposit would be taken by direct debit. In my experience this is unusual. It's much more common to open the account and then for the saver to make an electronic transfer of the funds. I transferred the funds, then Aldermore applied a Direct Debit and took the funds again. It was fortunate that my bank was able to recall the Direct Debit transfer.


    30 Sep 2014

  • Reasonable rate of interest Petermd

    This bond offered a reasonably competitive rate of interest. As an existing Aldermore customer I was able to open the account and transfer funds to it with the minimum of hassle.


    21 Sep 2014

  • clear and straightforwarg process Tabatha07

    Everything was clear and straightforward. Written confirmation of account opening arrived promptly. Would definately use again.


    20 Sep 2014

  • Excellent service as always. RetiredSaver

    Aldermore currently offer good rates of interest for savers and their on-line account opening is very easy to do and they are efficient. Keep up the good work Aldermore.


    16 Sep 2014